“It is relaxed” Said Selma!

“It is relaxed” Said Selma!

Selma joined Ultimate Fitness about 6 months ago. Very quickly, she started seeing and feeling the benefits: walking taller, feeling stronger, and of course, clothing fitting better… Friends and colleagues started noticing as well, but the best compliment came when she was sitting at the doctor’s office recently, getting a flu shot. The nurse was prepping her arm and kept asking her to relax her arm. “My arm is relaxed”, Selma answered. The nurse didn’t believe her at first, and Selma explained she had been working out with weights twice a week. “Wow” the nurse said!

Consistency over time does pay off! Nice Job Selma! You’re fun to work with and we look forward to seeing you next week.

What about you? How has your body changed since you started the Slow-Motion strength training program at Ultimate Fitness?

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