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At Ultimate Fitness, we're changing the way you think about exercise and strength training. Gone are the days of the hours-long workout or the high-intensity training where you put your body through the wringer. We're helping you see real results and get the most out of your training routine with the renowned Slow-Motion Strength Training system. We offer one-on-one personal training in this cutting-edge system, helping you challenge your body to get the most out of every workout.

Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced athlete, we're proud to help you find success one step at a time.

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My back pain is completely gone. In 5 months I have doubled my strength. It’s a complete workout in only 30 minutes. I highly recommend Ultimate Fitness. I don’t know how anyone, over the age of 50, who can get by without working out for 30 minutes a week.

John Gray, Ph.D. Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

I have attended Ultimate Fitness for some years now and their specialized MedX equipment is the finest. It is anatomically correct, and it makes my work out safe and efficient. I also attend Sara’s spinning classes twice a week. Even better, all of my kids work out at Ultimate Fitness too.

Jerry Harrison, Former Member of Talking Heads

Selecting Ultimate Fitness has been one of the best choices I’ve ever made. This gym has it all, state of the art equipment and friendly highly qualified trainers. My two 30 minute slow motion training sessions a week have my body feeling and looking as good as it did twenty years ago. Its a great workout and I feel fabulous!

Suzan Plath

Been working out at Ultimate Fitness for a few years now. It is fast, gentle on the body, fun, and most importantly, effective. My overall strength and posture are noticeably improved. Great for folks who want to round out other activities with a strength regimen, people who need to get back in shape safely, or folks like me who just really appreciate the one-on-one interaction and the commitment of a scheduled appointment. Equal numbers of men and women and different ages. Jocks, cyclists, and senior citizens. Never more than two clients working at a time, so very low-key and no competitive vibe. Super friendly and helpful staff. Easy parking and right on Miller Ave.

Nicole Ovens Taylor

This is where I work out twice a week. Love the team, love the 30 minute slow strength strategy. I don't get hurt. I stay strong. It's fast. Easy. And works!

Susan Bratton

Ultimate Fitness has really made a huge difference in my life. I love going to work out there and they have a great staff. It has changed my body significantly. Not only am I much stronger, but I am stronger looking as well. It has given me confidence in physical activities and I do well in them also. Every time I go to work out there with my great instructor Sara, she has something fun to do. Ultimate Fitness makes it fun to workout. Also, in my spare time, I enjoy doing physical activities much more than I did before I started the program. I am very glad I get to continue going. My dad and I both go and we both love it.

Dylan Harrison, Age 14

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