Personal Training

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Program Overview

In traditional weight training, people spend many hours in a gym to lift weights. Weightlifters use momentum and gravity to help lift heavier weights and lift them faster. In doing so, they run the risk of repetitive trauma to the joints, ligaments, and tendons.

With the Slow-Motion Strength Training Program at Ultimate Fitness, our Primary emphasis is on building strength quickly by exercising slowly, while minimizing the effects of momentum and gravity. Simply by slowing the speed of movement while lifting weight, it creates more tension in a muscle. And physiologically, lifting more slowly and deliberately activates a greater number of muscle fibers for a given movement. The result provides more strength development in a shorter period of time with greater safety and much better efficiency. In fact, the results of slow-motion resistance training can virtually eliminate the need for aerobics or other excessive cardiovascular or injury-inflicting exercises.


Physiological Benefits of Slow-Motion Strength Training

Rather than spend hours in the gym training to attain your goals, in just 30 minutes, two times per week, at Ultimate Fitness you will:
•    Improve strength
•    Increase lean muscle mass
•    Improve cardiovascular health
•    Boost your metabolism so as to burn fat more effectively
•    Improve joint flexibility
•    Achieve optimal athletic performance

Television journalists Leslie Stahl and Barbara Walters share their insights on staying in shape with slow motion strength training.