Former Volvo-Cannondale Team Racer and Ultimate Fitness owner, Sara Ellis

Former Volvo-Cannondale Team Racer and UFit owner, Sara Ellis

Sara Ellis opened Ultimate Fitness over ten years ago. But before becoming a well known personal trainer and business owner in the Mill Valley community, Sara had a long and prosperous career as a “World-Cup” class, mountain-bike racer. Her dedication, passion and relentless training helped her land a sought after position on one of the most respected and well know teams at the time—the Volvo-Cannondale mountain bike racing team. While there, she was a top competitor in this award-winning group. She traveled to races and competitive events all over the world representing her sponsor and the US in countries that included Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Australia, and Turkey. She also had the privilege and opportunity to compete in the Olympic Trials in Atlanta in 1996. Sara was always conscious of “Plan B” and to what to do when her racing career ended. But as long as she retained her competitive spirit and delivered top placements for her team, she raced on. With some prompting from fellow racers and friends, she started coaching people on physical conditioning, strength training and improving bike skills and techniques. She soon realized that this was her new found passion and a gift that she was uniquely qualified to share with others. Sara understands that strength training is “the key” to power, endurance and top performance whether someone is an athlete or just and individual trying to maintain their physical and mental health. Having a healthy, strong body is everyone’s vehicle’s for life and to ignore it or take it for granted is a prescription for personal failure. Watch a video of mine here. Sara has now focused her passion for training in her unique, personal fitness studio, Ultimate Fitness. The vision that drives her everyday is to provide a bright and friendly fitness facility that is a refreshing alternative to the “factory” and “chain-gyms” that don’t meet the unique and individual fitness needs of her customers and community. At Ultimate Fitness, she and her team of certified trainers deliver the hands-on personal training she envisioned for people of all ages and physical conditions. And what Sara wants to know from everyone is: are UFit?

Sara is also sharing her story on how she met Klaus Kinski, Sara recalls her journey with him and also sells memorabilias of her co-sponsor, the late actor Klaus Kinski. The memorabilias includes 4 Klaus Kinski Paganini World Cup bicycle race jerseys, Klaus Kinski’s popular red jacket, Sling Shot bicycle frame and the 37 Slide Photos of Sara Ellis, which are the last artistic works of Klaus Kinski. If you’re interested visit Klaus Kinski Memorabilia.


World Class Mountain Bike Racer and Fitness Expert Sara Ellis announces the launch of her website Final Hours of Klaus Kinski which she created to share her unique Klaus Kinksi story and memorabilia with the world.

Sara Ellis met actor Klaus Kinski in the mid 80’s in Marin County, California. Klaus was interested in Sara’s mountain bike racing career and how co-sponsoring athletes’ works to gain media attention. Actor Kinski co-sponsored athlete Ellis’ world class races in order to promote “Paganini,” his last movie.

Sara Ellis raced in Europe (Holland, Germany and Italy) where the world championships were held in 1990, wearing Kinski/Paganini gear and riding Sling Shot mountain bikes. Sara received numerous interviews that focused on her race results as well as her Klaus Kinski sponsorship.

The last artistic work Klaus Kinski did was slide photography of Sara Ellis riding mountain bikes. Kinski passed away on November 22, 1991 hours after reviewing these slides with Sara at his Northern California home. After reviewing the slides Sara biked home in Klaus’ red jacket which Klaus gave her because it was chilly to ride down the mountain that night.

This slide photography, the mountain bike gear including jerseys and bicycle frame, as well as Kinksi’s red jacket, all part of this unique Klaus Kinksi story, are now for sale to memorabilia collectors.

Visit Klaus Kinski Memorabilia to read the whole story about Sara Ellis and Klaus Kinski and to see Sara’s Klaus Kinksi Museum with these unique collector items that are now for sale.

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