Is it possible to realize measurable results that last, just by strength training in slow-motion? The people who do it, and have a made a commitment to sticking with it, have this to say:

“The sign caught my attention – “Results in just 30 minutes, 2 times a week” – yeah right! I said out loud. I kept reading and was amazed by the logic, common sense, and methodology that was presented. Four years later I’m writing this testimonial to tell you IT WORKS. I’ve tried typical weight lifting as a complement to running and biking but the results were minimal at best. With Ultimate Fitness middle aged men like me really benefit. The gradual, consistent and measurable improvements keep you coming back for more. Furthermore, the reduced fat and increased muscle mass that I’ve been able to achieve, have improved my running and biking (not to mention smaller pants size). You should definitely consider cross training with “Superslow” as way to increase strength and muscle tone.”

David Rivera

“I have early-stage degenerative disease in my lower back. Before being introduced to the back machine, I suffered daily from pain and stiffness, had my back “go out” on me several times, and depended on chiropractic adjustments for temporary relief. Now that I’m working-out regularly on the machine, my back is stronger and more secure, my pain and stiffness have been reduced by more than 90%, and I no longer need to visit the chiropractor.”

Sara Scott

“I have been working with the slow-mo program for quite a while now and it has helped me keep in shape and maintain a level of strength and power that I have not had since I was younger. If you are over 50, you cannot afford to not do something like this, and with a time commitment of only 30 minutes per session it can’t get any easier. I have found that I am now prepared to do activities like mountain biking and snowboarding and various construction activities without the associated “aches and pains” that used to go along with them.”

Terry Hall

“I came into Ultimate Fitness out of shape with little energy after Knee Surgery and Cervical issues and wanted One-on-One Training to prevent further injury and the Slow Motion 30 minute Strength Training attracted my attention with my busy work schedule. Now 2 years later and 61, I can not believe the Strength and Energy I have. Sara and her Staff are Wonderful/Supportive/Professional making Slow Mo Training fun and very attentive to my personal issues. Spinning classes are awesome and energizing. Instead of making excuses not to go for a workout I actually look forward to my next appointment at Ultimate Fitness. I can’t thank them enough.”

Joan Verburg

“My back pain is completely gone. In 5 months I have doubled my strength. It’s a complete workout in only 30 minutes. I highly recommend Ultimate Fitness. I don’t know how anyone, over the age of 50, who can get by without working out for 30 minutes a week.”

John Gray

Ph.D. Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

“Ultimate Fitness has really made a huge difference in my life. I love going to work out there and they have a great staff. It has changed my body significantly. Not only am I much stronger, but I am stronger looking as well. It has given me confidence in physical activities and I do well in them also. Every time I go to work out there with my great instructor Sara, she has something fun to do. Ultimate Fitness makes it fun to workout. Also, in my spare time, I enjoy doing physical activities much more than I did before I started the program. I am very glad I get to continue going. My dad and I both go and we both love it.”

Dylan Harrison

Age 14

“I am a resident of Mill Valley, a mother of four children (ages 8 to 16), and a local school teacher. I have been enjoying the health benefits of the super slow weight training program at Ultimate Fitness for the past five years. I began working with Sara Ellis with the objective of building strength and raising my energy level to meet the demands of my daily routine. Through the program at Ultimate Fitness and the guidance of Sara, I have been able to reach and even surpass my initial goals. Sara is genuinely concerned with helping each client meet their personal fitness goals. She is a highly knowledgable and caring individual and it has been a priveledge to have had the opportunity to work with her.”

Anna Davenport

“I’ve battled with my weight all of my adult life. However, at age 52 when I made the commitment to the Ultimate Fitness program, I finally achieved the all around healthy lifestyle that has helped me maintain a 70 pound weight loss for over 5 years now. At age 56, I feel I am in the best shape of my life. Thank You Ultimate Fitness!”

Kathleen Korth

“I have attended Ultimate Fitness for some years now and their specialized MedX equipment is the finest. It is anatomically correct, and it makes my work out safe and efficient. I also attend Sara’s spinning classes twice a week. Even better, all of my kids work out at Ultimate Fitness too.”

Jerry Harrison

Former member of Talking Heads

“Selecting Ultimate Fitness has been one of the best choices I’ve ever made. This gym has it all, state of the art equipment and friendly highly qualified trainers. My two 30 minute slow motion training sessions a week have my body feeling and looking as good as it did twenty years ago. Its a great workout and I feel fabulous! Thanks Sara.”

Suzan Plath

“My name is Carl Otto. I am 56 years old and I am a physician at CPMC in San Francisco. I have three kids, all of whom play multiple sports on multiple teams. My busy work and family schedule doesn’t really leave me time to go to the gym for the usual workouts that would last an hour or more, two or more times a week. I was initially intrigued with Ultimate Fitness when I read the article on slow weight training while passing by their window. Most of my free time was taken up with running or biking. I was initially skeptical but decided to give it a try since it seemed to be an efficient use of time. Even I was able to find 30 minutes twice a week! Slow weight training at Ultimate Fitness has exceeded all of my expectations. Over the last two years I have steadily gained strength and lost weight with a very efficient use of my time. I am able to keep up my cardiovascular training and gain strength without any loss of precious family time. Although I don’t yet look like the Governator, the change in my physique has been noticeable. The increase in my core strength and leg strength has made a huge difference in my cycling. Best of all, my 11 year old twin boys think I’m “buff!” Sara, Syndee, and Carl are all enthusiastic and energetic and really pump you up during the workouts. They are great at watching your form to keep you safe on the equipment. They go all out to make your experience at Ultimate Fitness positive and worthwhile. If you are looking for an efficient way to improve your body, you can’t go wrong by starting at Ultimate Fitness.”

Carl Otto

“This is what I love about Ultimate Fitness:  you’re in, you’re out, you’re fit!  30 minutes, twice a week is all I need.  It’s close to my house, the trainers are great, and the equipment is top notch. It really works.”

Gail Biddle