The Body by Science Book

Clients often come to us because of Doug McGuff’s book “Body by Science”.  In the book, John Little, a columnist for Ironman magazine, and fitness medicine expert Dr. Doug McGuff, team up to present a formula that builds strength and develops muscle using slow motion training.  The information is well presented and makes a clear case for the efficiency and safety of that method.  Whether you’re considering joining us at Ultimate or simply want to gain better understanding about the slow training workout you’re doing with our fitness trainers, you’ll find this book informative.

While slow training is at the core of Ultimate Fitness’ philosophy, what sets us apart from the book’s very purist approach is that we believe our clients get better overall results from a varied and personalized exercise program. Call us to learn more about what we do, or even better, call us to make an “orientation” appointment. We’ll talk about your health and fitness goals and take you through a sample slow workout. You’ll see, you’ll love it! And who can’t make time to workout 30 minutes twice a week?


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