Personal Training Studio locally owned since 2002

A blast from the past: see owner Sara Ellis on the race track and in a Specialized commercial.

What We Offer


  • Personal Training

  • Slow-Motion Strength Training

  • Specialized MedX Equipment

  • Experienced Personal Trainers

  • Spin Classes

  • Next Door:   Internal Fire Pilates

The Slow-Motion Protocol in Action

Watch Leslie Stahl and Barbara Walters do strength training in slow-motion!

Watch our Live Music Spin Class

Live music by Prairie Prince, Jon Axtell, and Atom Ellis.  It was so good!

Contact us today to set up your orientation appointment.

Our one-hour intro session includes a slow-motion strength training workout. We’ll also talk about your fitness history, the best way to reach your specific goals, potential schedule, and more.  The intro session is $75.00.  We look forward to meeting you!

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